Saturday, 11 March 2017

What do you think about nature? What’s come to your mind when you hear something about nature? Nature is one of the most important things is our life. We can't be separated from it. Nature holds so many importances, like oxygen which we use to breath. There are so many benefits we can use from nature, we have to be grateful as a human being who have been given a lot of advantages by nature. In order to pay back what nature has given to us, we have to protect our nature, we have to keep nature away from dangerous things

We have to protect our nature, so that we can use our nature wisely. 
Environment is one thing you can not escape from our daily activities. Environment is found everywhere, the environment also has given us many benefits, such as giving us food, oxygen, and more.

 Let’s think about the benefit that we can get for a long terms if we take care about nature. We can gain more oxygen than before because there are so many trees that’ll give us that. Also the natural resources will be enough for the next generation. They’ll be able to see many kinds of animals or plants and many more. It feels like the air is more fresh than before. No more smoke, no more global warming, no more extinct treatures, and our life will be more comfortable because nature gives all we need.

After knowing those benefits, don’t you want to try to save our nature? Don’t you want to clear up all the damages that happen now? That will be so pathetic if people still ruin the nature while there are so many benefits that we can get from there. Some countries run programs to save nature. One of them is reforestation. Reforestation is like bring the nature back.

We plants a lot of tress at the dry land and few years later, they’ll become a huge forest that’ll give us those benefits. Nature is a gift that Allah has sent to us. Save the nature is our obligation as a human. Ruin them means you don’t feel grateful of what God has sent to us. So, from now on, let’s take care of nature as our gratitude to what Allah has sent to us

So this is what i think about nature, how about you?
i hope ypu enjoy my blog

All The Love -H

Monday, 16 January 2017


Haii genks! I'm baackk! I'm gonna tell you about my last holiday. My last holiday was a xoxo holiday, it began at December 24. honestly I didn't go anywhere, I just stayed at home and watched tv tv all day. but beside of that I can spoil my body from the task even sometimes I felt so bored. 

In the 3rd of January I already going to school for T'sT (Tiloe's Theatre) practiced because that's my extracurricular. For 9 days, 3-11 January 2017. I did T'sT practice. except 5 and 6 January i didn't held it because i went to my cousins I will write it after this okey. That was so fun because too many people join it. i wan't to tell you what theatre is Theatre is a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers, typically actors or actress to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience in a specific place, often a stage. The performers may communicate this experience to the audience through combinations of gesture, speech, song, music, and dance. Elements of art, such as painted scenery and stage craft such as lighting are used to enhance the physicality, presence and immediacy of the experience.The reason why I had T'sT practiced for 9 days because we had to prepared for perform in NAGABONAR that's was held on 12 January 2017.

And this is the story in 5th of January,  In that day I went to my cousin house in Sukabumi. I went from Bandung at 09.00 am and I'm arrived at 13.00 pm. Honestly I went to Sukabumi to held my cousin circumision, but beside of that I went there to play with them soooo, at 16.00 pm, I played kite with my cousin after that we took a bath and we had dinner. After we had dinner we watched horror film until midnight at 02.00 am maybe. And then we slept and at 05.00 am we had shubuh prayer and the we slept again because we felt so sleepy, seriously. At 09.00 am we went to swimming pool and then we swam until past noon, then we went home and finally at tomorrow morning i went back to Bandung.

After I arrived at Bandung, in 7th January I went back to school to had T'sT practiced again, and then in 12th January 2017 NAGABONAR was held. In that day I went to school very early because I have to preapared T'sT performance. We performed at 12.45 pm after the KPA, I was so nervous and I thought that everybody won't laugh. But it was my fear anyway, everybody was laughed yuhuuu. Okee this is my holiday experience hope you enjoy my blog. Here I have some photos of T'sT performance at NAGABONAR. Thank you for your attention.

All the love F

Thursday, 8 December 2016


I will tell you about LDKS or Rindam wish you all enjoy!

All of the student in SMAN 3 must joined "LDKS" it has many benefits for us. LDKS located in rindam near siliwangi. We trained by real soldier so we will be discipline, be responsible and appreciate time. LDKS lasting for 3 days. we went to rindam on Thursday and went home on Saturday. 

on the first day we must attended at 6.00 am and then we went to ballroom and there is opening ceremony by the way i forgot the name of the ballroom. oke skip. First of all we're not allowed to brought handphone and who still brought it must collected it to OSIS. After that we had a lesson from many speaker who told us different material. On the first day soldier split us into 2 group. and they gave us like a bedroom which we called "barak" there is mundilayang 1, mundilayang 2 and iswahyudi 1- 4. that is the place where we slept for  2 days ahead. I slept in Iswahyudi 2 which it located near the front door of Rindam.

And then we went to field to did marching. Soldier trained us about marching about 2 hours but they trained us nicely and patiently. There are many student who sick because they have a serious healt problem. They took a rest in barak or side of the fiield for a while so in the next activities they can attend it. We never late to took a pray in mosque the soldier told us if we late for pray Allah will punish us. 

And then the soldier gave us food which are chicken, banana, nuget, rice, and soup. We ate 3 times every day, in the morning, afternoon and evening. And then we took a material in ballroom until 10.00pm and we chose our leader. There are many candidate of leader but we picked Arafah to be our Leader. 

After that we went to barak and went to slept. In rindam we can't take a bath because we only had 3 minutes honestly it isn't 3 minutes, it less from 3 minutes every person and every bathroom we have to shared with another friends, and the problem is we're go in to the bathroom for 30 second maybe the OSIS will knocked out the door and said "PERCEPAT SISWI TEMEN KALIAN ADA YANG BELUM MANDI" oohh God that's so annoying. The first day finally ended and all of the students are tired. 

We must woke up at 2.30 am because we had to went to mosque to took a tahajud prayer and after that we did morning gymnastics. And then we had a breakfast, we took a bath honestly not take a bath and we went to ballroom for material. In the afternoon we did marching again for 2 hours. Unluckily the weather was bad. Its rainy and we cant do another activities so we went to ballroom while waiting the boys for jum'atan and the OSIS checked our uniform. 

The OSIS told us to fix our uniform. For the girls we had to wear legging every day and we're not allowed to cut out skirt. We should wear a long socks. Finally the rain stoped and after that We ate and went to mosque. 

But unfortunately rindam got lights out. There is no light. So we can't continued another activities so we went to barak to slept, and then we went to barak i think that we will sleep not to late because there's no light, evidently we must do what OSIS said to us and we must write our jurnal in Rindam since the first day. We make it for 2 or 3 hours and after that we're all go to sleep. And finally second day ended. 

finally its third day, this is the day that i wait since the first day i came to Rindam. We woke up like yesterday at 2.30 am and went to mosque. We only had slept about 3 hours so everyone feel sleepy and in mosque the soldier held the "Renungan Malam" and no one is listened for that. We're all sleep. Our teacher told us that we can't slept in mosque but however we still slepping in the mosque. 

After that we had morning gymnastics and some games. it was really excited but honestly i'm feel soooooooo sleepy because at the first day i didn't sleep and the second day i slept for 2 or 3 hours. And at that time my maag came and i took a rest in teacher room. And there is closing ceremony. 

After we practice closing ceremony we went to barak for prepared our bag and went home yeaaayy. We tidy up our barak and after finished we can go home. Before we went home, the OSIS gave us our handphone back. We were very happy. I want story a litlle you know guys living without handphone for 3 days feels like we lived in tobanga tobanga time. Seriously. 

The benefit of this event are we will be appreciate time so we won't wasting time again and then they trained us to be discipline so we will do things fastly. and then they trained us to be responsible and how to be a nice leader. There are so many benefits that we can got in here. I said thankyou very much to OSIS, teacher, and soldier for letting us did this events in rindam. thank you for trained us for 3 days.

And this is the end of my story about rindam, wish you all enjoy my story! Thank you!

All the love -H

I will going to tell you about my preparation for camprt tomorrrow. Camprt is the event that SMAN 3 hold every years. The first time the commiitee told us that we will do the camprt, i was very exited and then we held the Technical Meeting at Aula Lama, The commiitee told us about the materials and the stuff that we must bring for the event. The commiitee split us in to the group and luckily my Sangga is the most PWest sangga ever.

The first preparation is, me and my sangga discuss about food that we will make tomorrow. And then we went to yogya sunda for buying materials, at yogya sunda we were confuse because the materials is expensive and then we search the materials which it's cost cheaper. And after that we went back to school and divide the materials for tomorrow.

And at home i will prepare my stuff and my food for camprt. Honestly i'm not sure for what i'm gonna bring tomorrow because i'm still confuse about what stuff that i will bring. It's to much. Beside of that the second preparation is i will prepare my healt for 2 days ahead, tonight i won't sleep to late, i will sleep at 8 or 9 pm. So i won't wake up late for tomorrow and my body will fresh. And the last preparation is, i will prepare my mental for camprt.

So this is all my preparation for my camping tomorrow, and where's your's?

Thank you!

All the love -H

Monday, 31 October 2016


Cat or Felis (called in Latin), are carnivorous or meat-eaters. The word “cat” is said to represent an animal that has been domesticated. However, cats actually can be a tiger, lion, and cheetah which are a kind of wild animal.
A home cat which is quite familiar, is a mammal that has four legs, a tail, two pointy ears, and bushy hair. The feet have the sharp claws. You must be careful when holding the leg of a cat, because the claws are so powerful and can hurt both your hands and body.
            Cat’s tail is used as a tool to communicate and to maintain the body balance. Two pointy cat ears have very good hearing. Cats even have a hearing performance two times than dogs and seven times better than human. The bushy hair is an attraction because some colors are striking and beautiful.   


A cat has 250 bones in his body, compared to 206 in our bodies. Think about how much bigger you are than your cat, and you'll understand why cats have a lot more places where they can bend and twist than we do. Almost 10  percent of a cat's bones are in her tail, and the tail is used to maintain balance. The domestic cat is the only species able to hold its tail vertically while walking. 
            Cats use more than 500 muscles to leap, jump, and sprint. Their thighs power pouncing. These muscles are so powerful that if you had them, your thighs would be as big as your waist and you could jump from the ground to the top of a house

Cats do not have a collarbone, so they can fit through any opening the size of their head.

One thing that you should not forget is the cat’s moustaches. Cats have moustaches whose function is to detect preys in the dark. It is also used to know their emotions. When it leaning forward, then the cat is being friendly, but when leaning back, then they are in an aggressive condition. Last, the function of those is determining the change of wind direction.

Question :
1.      What is the purpose of the text?
A.     To persuade reader.
B.     To entertain something.
C.     To describe something in detail.
D.     To promote things.
E.      To invite to attend the event.

2.      What is the function of the cat’s tail?
A.     Detect preys in the dark
B.     Protect their habitat
C.     Hear anything around them
D.     Communicate and to maintain the body balance.
E.      See anything around them

3.      How many muscles that cat used to jump, run, sprint?
A.     200
B.     300
C.     150
D.     350
E.      500

4.      What is the function of the cat’s mustache?
A.     To know they emotions.
B.     To hear anything around them
C.     To Communicate and maintain the body balance
D.     To see anything around them
E.      To protect their habitat

5.      Where is 10% cat’s bones located?
A.     Ears
B.     Nose
C.     Legs
D.     Face
E.      Tail’s

Monday, 10 October 2016

The Monkey and the Tiger

Once upon a time there is the monkey and the tiger, they were a good friends and then one day they saw a big banana tree, and the tiger said “hi,monkey look there is big banana tree, lets go pick it up the banana” and the monkey said “oh yeah, there is a big banana tree. Let me pick it “ the tiger said “ not only you, i want the banana too” the monkey answered “ ok, just wait here i am gonna go up and pick it up for you”

30 minutes later...

The tiger feel strange with the monkey so he said  “ where is monkey? Why he does not come yet? “ so he scream “MONKEYY, where are you?” and then he saw banana skin falling, and he thought it was falling from the sky.  And when he looked up the tree, he saw the monkey eat the banana for him self.  The tiger said “monkey where is my banana? Why you eat alone up there? Are you forget about me?”  The monkey shocked and he answered  “no tiger no i don’t forget about you, i’m just starving when i climb up the tree”  the tiger was believe in the monkey and he said “oke monkey, go  down here and  don’t  forget about my banana” the monkey laughing and he said “not that easy tiger, your body was very dirty go to the river and take a bath until your body is clean from your black stripe” and the tiger obey what monkey said.  After  5 minutes  the tiger finished his bath and come back to the banana tree. And the tiger said “monkeyy look i have took a bath so now i can eat my banana”  and the monkey said “noo look at your stripe there’s the same it isn’t clean up yet go back to the river and take a right bath”.
The tiger went to the river

After  10 minutes...

The tiger come back to the banana tree and he said “ oke monkey this is the second time i go to the river for a bath, and now my body is clean yes?” and the monkey laughed and he said “noo tiger look at your body, there is a black stripe that make you ugly, please go the river again and take a right bath or you won’t get your banana”. And when the tiger walked to the river he thought “why i must took a bath for third time? My stripe can’t be cleaned because this is what God give to me, i’ve been trapped by the monkey”  and then he turned back to the banana tree and he was very angry to the monkey, he shouted “MONKEYY!!! GO DOWN HERE” the monkey shocked and he said “what? Are you done yet? Why you have to shout up my name you can call me gently right?” and the tiger said “DON’T TALK TO MUCH AGAIN YOU HAVE BEEN TRAPPED ME RIGHT!?” and the monkey said “no tiger i don’t mean to trap you i just want you to work harder” and the tiger not believed what the monkey said,  and  the tiger very very very angry he doesn’t control his emotional and then he drop the tree, the tree and the monkey was falling to the ground, because the tree is so big monkey couldn’t run or jump so he was downtrodden by the tree and and that time he died.


this story was created by :
- Afina Firda A. (X MIPA 1)
- Sayyid Hirzi H. (X MIPA 1)
- Anisa Nabilah O. (X MIPA 2)
- Indika Alawiyah F. (X MIPA 2)


Monday, 3 October 2016

To: All member of class X MIPA 1
Our classroom will join “The Cleanest Class Competition 2016” on Monday, Oktober 21th 2016. To prepare it, please all the member of the classroom gather at school on Sunday Oktober 20th 2016 at 8 a.m to start cleaning and decorating the classroom together. Please come on time.
Afina Firda
You can see the announcement video in :